Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Mr. Whatever You Like pt 2

The next morning I was up early for 8am service at church with thoughts of this new man swirling in my head. Visions of his smooth skin and well manicured nails replayed in my mind. He was just dreamy. That Sunday we had a pastor from a guest church bring the message and his choir came as well. As I’m walking by to put my tithes and offerings in the box I think I see the man from last night going out of the left side choir door. I almost tripped over Mother Butler’s feet because I was so shocked by what I just saw, or…thought I had just saw. I smiled and leaned over to hug her to cover it up, quickly composed myself and made it back to my seat without hurting any elderly ladies.

Safely in my pew I tried to focus on the service but couldn’t stop glancing at that side door. The guest choir sang an A and B selection and before the guest preacher brought the message he asked for a special song from a member of his choir. Everyone started clapping so I assumed whoever this person was, was most likely wasn’t just going to sing they were going to sang (church folk only stan for people with real talent). I looked up and the drummer reached to put his sticks down and made his way to the organ.

He turned his face and it was HIM! The man I saw go out side door was the very same man I had been thinking about since I laid eyes on him the night before! Inside I melted because I have a thing for musicians especially drummers. This new found information about him had me even more interested and intrigued than I was last night, and we still hadn’t had a decent conversation. When he got on the organ and sang “I Wont Complain” it took everything in my power to not run to the front and fall out at the altar. That is by far my favorite gospel song and he turned the church OWT!

When service was over I headed out the side door to the parking lot and I got stopped by my church’s guitar player. “Hey secretary of state” he said to me with a big smile. That was a nickname given to me as a child when I was the secretary of Sunday school. We chatted for a bit I told him I’d see him Wednesday night at bible study. I turned to open the door and there HE was.

I thought my heart was going to beat out of my chest when he smiled at me.

“Good morning,” he said, “I told you I would see you again”

Breathe, he’s talking to you!  “Yes you did.” butterflies

“So what are you doing after this?”

“Making a run to whole foods and a mani pedi. You?”

“Taking you to brunch”

Really?” I said with an arch of my brow, my butterflies turned to bats in an instant, but I had to keep my cool.

I died a little inside. Imagine Tyson Beckford’s twin in your face, telling you that he’s going to take you to brunch…yeah exactly!

“Oh Yes, if that’s okay with you.”

Confident and polite. Win!

Brunch was amazing I found out all the usual first date info. He went to an HBCU (win). He was a couple years older than I was (win). No children, gainfully employed, and no girlfriend…or boyfriend. (win win WIN!) We talked everything from AME church politics to what our favorite foods were. Our conversation was refreshing and I couldn’t believe how my day was turning out; you couldn't have told me this morning that I'd b brunching with a gorgeous man.  He was attentive, looked me in the eye, and was so damn charming! I loved that in the same man I could get street swag in a Yankee fitted and Timbs AND debonair and sophisticated in a charcoal grey suit and matching cufflinks. To top it off his perfect teeth and dimpled smile kept me warm despite the cool weather of late fall.

Afterwards we exchanged numbers and he dropped me back off at my car, which was still in the church parking lot. He was such a gentleman he got out of his car and opened the door for me to get out (expected) then he opened my car door for me get into my own car (above and beyond). *swoon* He gave me a hug good bye and said he hoped that he could see me again soon. Oh yes…

I called the bday girl on the way to Santana Row for my mani/pedi. I told her all about brunch and we ended up naming him Mr. Whatever You Like because he was so fine that he could have whatever he liked ;-) . She told me that she had known him for years but he just moved back from college not too long ago. That explained why I had never met him before. By the time we finished gossiping I had arrived at the spa. I was floating on a cloud re-living our brunch experience; not even the search for a parking space could put a damper on my mood. It had been a long time since someone had made me smile at just the thought of them. I wasn’t getting ahead of myself but I was definitely a smitten kitten.

“Excuse me, I wanted the normal pedicure, what are you doing?” I said to her very nicely but with some noticeable surprise in my voice.

“No we have you down for the Rosy manicure and pedicure today.” she replied in her usual tone. I had a seriously confused look on my face because I had made this appointment in advance and I knew what I planned to get. I checked my Blackberry to make sure I wasn’t losing my mind.

Since I was still looking at her with a face that said ‘ummmm?’ she asked the lady at the front desk to come over and talk to me. The woman told me that about an hour ago a man had called and set up these services for me. OMG! I was shocked. How? What? Why? When?

I sat down in the spa chair and immediately dialed his number. It was presumptuous but no other man knew about my nail appointment but him. He answered on the second ring with “You told me that pink roses were your favorite.” I couldn’t help but smile big. This man was definitely something else…

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