Thursday, December 9, 2010

Beware of the Fake

Last night I did a late night Walmart run. On the way out a friend I was with wanted to get a money order. That was fine, I was in no rush. As we’re waiting in line we’re chatting about her new job as a server at a larger and better known restaurant than she was working with before and she’s telling me how great the tips are. I turned to talk to BFF while she was handling her business, then I heard “Excuse me?!” I quickly looked up and she’s talking to the cashier with a somewhat panicked look on her face. The cashier looks at her and says, “Sorry ma’am your bill is fake”. Our jaws dropped.

Have you ever known someone who was like a fake $100 bill? You know the type; they are usually flashy and bragging about what they do and who they know. You thought they had their ish together but they turned out to be just a fake! Beware of these people.

In this twenty-something stage of life there are a lot of fakers. Most of us have graduated from college and feel we should be living the life that most people don’t get until they are in their thirties these days. Our whole lives we’ve been told to go to college and upon graduation we will have a good job and secure future. For those of us that have graduated in recent years we have been robbed! The job market is terrible and we have had to move back home and work jobs that have nothing to do with our majors to pay Sallie Mae. That’s our harsh reality.

So what do some of us do? Overspend on credit cards, (if our credit isn’t shot) spend our whole paychecks on LV and Kim Kardashian-esque hair weaves. We want to be retweeted by Diddy as Ciroc boys and girls. We go to All Star and Super bowl weekends. We try to keep up with the latest fashions and trendy spots to eat at. I get it; we all want to live the good life.

My life definitely isn’t where I thought it would be at 25 years old. According to the plan I had (at 16) I should be done with grad school, married and having my 1st child. Ha! I’m nowhere close to marriage or children, and haven’t even started grad school.

Before you get down on yourself for not being where you thought you would be in this stage in life, take a minute to be thankful for what you have. Don’t look to others because a lot of these people are 2 days from eviction and 1 week from being repossessed. Be the best you that you can be and with hard work one day you will get to where you want to be, wherever that may be. You won’t appreciate what you have as much if it’s always been there. Just think that when you’re at the next level in life you can look back and laugh at the way things used to be.

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