Monday, January 3, 2011

Friends; How Many of Us Have Them?

It was a typical Thursday night; 3M’s, loud music and an abundance of estrogen. I sat down in a velvet leopard side chair with my glass of sangria and was chatting with the host. There are a few girls that have yet to arrive but there are about 6 of us there having a good time in general.

Most of us came to the get together fancy, nails done, hair done, everything did, so naturally we start talking about makeup. The host is an everyday false lash wearer so we start talking about our favorite brands and style numbers. Lisa, an average woman by most standards that I am meeting for the first time tonight, says “Well y’all need to help Kim out cuz her lashes be looking a mess. If her shadow is purple her lashes is purple. Just a mess girl!”

I laughed thinking wow that’s terrible and we discussed the proper way to put on lashes. (Which is not before you put on eyeshadow!)

Two rounds of shots, and a glass of moscato later, the conversation goes down relationship lane and because it’s the holiday season we get on the topic of good and bad Christmas gifts. Once again Lisa speaks up and says. “Last year for Christmas Kim got her man a new flat screen, a DVD player, and some Timberland boots. You know what that fool got her? A damn $30 watch! That’s unacceptable”.

I made a face what woman doesn’t like to be spoiled, or at the very least feel like she’s in a reciprocal relationship. At the same time I thought who was I to say anything?  I didn’t know Kim, her man, or their relationship. Besides who is Kim and why does Lisa keep bringing her name up anyway? Obsessed much?

Maybe 5 minutes later a really pretty girl that I’ve never seen before comes in. The first thing I notice about her is that she has amazing skin that looks like the caramel on the Frappuccino that I had earlier in the day. The host greets her and introduces her as Kim.

“Girl you must didn’t have no money to get your hair done this week.” Lisa said as she stood up to give Kim a hug. I turned to look at the girl’s hair and it didn’t look terrible but I could tell that it wasn’t freshly done. Hmm interesting way to say hello; what happened to “hey girl I’m glad you made it”?

The night wears down bbm contacts are made, hugs given, and promises are made to do it again soon. I stick around to help the host clean up and we’re recapping the night. I inquired what was with Lisa and Kim. She says “they have a crazy relationship, way too honest. Don’t be that honest wit me.” Hmm honest is a nice way to put it…

On the ride home I thought about Kim and Lisa. First Lisa is telling all of Kim’s business to people that don’t even know her when she’s coming to the party later, #wheredeydodatat? I assumed Kim was someone that I would probably never see; you know one of those ratchet friends that you deal with but always hang with them solo because you can’t take them no where, and I definitely wasn’t expecting to see her that night.

The second thing that really stuck out to me was the greeting. Kim didn’t even seem phased by it. If that’s not shade I don’t know what is. Granted Lisa did it in a way that was a little more subtle but it still was a shot at Kim. These girls call each other best friends?

How many of us have “friends” like that?

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