Monday, January 31, 2011

When Someone Shows You Who They Are Believe Them

How many times have you or someone you know met someone who you liked so much you thought you could change them? It could be a man, a friend, or even a parent. This person is someone you love with all your heart and you want the best for. Usually we want to bend over backwards for these people, prove to them that our love is sufficient.

When your new boo tells you he has trust issues, it’s okay to work with him on them. But when he starts being worried bout where you been or who you saw or, what club you went to with your homies…that’s a you need to believe him and look further into what he meant by trust issues.

That situation gave you an advantage because the man out right said “I have trust issues”. What I’m really talking about is when your bff drinks till she can’t walk straight every time you go to the club but says she’s all about keeping her temple clean. She’s showing you who she really is in those drunken moments.

Or think back to as a child when your dad said that he was going to come pick you and never showed up. The first time it happened you were disappointed and it took hours for you to stop crying but by the 5th time you didn’t really believe him when he said he was on his way.

Even as a child you learned early on when someone shows you who they really are believe them. Now as adults why aren’t we applying that same principle to friendships and romantic relationships?  When will we start believing people when they show us who they really are?

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