Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Hip Hop VS Rap

This post was inspired by the film Brown Sugar. During almost the entire movie Sidney Shaw (Sanaa Lathan) is writing a book and in it she compares Hip Hop and Rap. If you haven’t seen the movie, spank yourself then go watch it immediately.

He was the one I could depend on. The one that had been there to bring me hot and sour soup and mint tea when I was sick. The one that had me singing Lyzel in E flat like I wrote the song. He was all encompassing, not just a genre he was an entire culture. An old soul with a dark and gloomy past.  Mindful of the influences of the ancestors and humble despite his extreme successes.  5 mics in the source a classic, no gimmicks. Raw and pure like African shea butter. Quality always came before quantity. No degree but had read more Sanchez, Hughes and DuBois than anyone I knew. I was constantly learning new and interesting things.  He couldn’t be forgotten; he made a permanent and indelible impression on my very being. He was my first love.

And on the other hand…                                                      

He was the one that I was perfectly matched with. One dimensional somewhat simplistic, what was hot right now.  He came from a good family, double degrees, had the right pedigree. He was chart topping, top forty, on the cover of Time magazine. He was predictable, got the party started, popped bottles, danced on tables, kept some fresh bling at all times. He wasn’t into classics he was ‘on to the next’. The definition of “Houstatlantavegas”; Surrounded by a flurry of stylists, PR people and yes men; the flashing lights were so bright that my vision became blurred. “You betta hold on to that man” was the mantra of my friends and frenemies alike. Mom loved that he was handsome and clean cut; Daddy loved the security he provided. He was everything I had been told that I needed by everyone my entire life

So do I go with my heart or with what is expected of me?

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