Monday, January 10, 2011

5 Things You Need to Stop Doing Yesterday

The other day I was watching MTV’s True Life: I Have Digital Drama (for the 40th time ya’ll know how MTV is with re-runs) and I had to turn the channel because watching it was making me angry. It was pure foolishness and reminded me of too many people that specialize in that particular brand of drama.

How many of us have friends who obsess over a man, who he’s talking to, for how long, listening for clues, leaving messages on his phone playing “Say My Name”? She’s the same friend you can’t even go to lunch with her without her calling his phone 20 times in 3 minutes. (If his phone goes straight to voicemail, calling him forty-leven times isn’t going to make him pick up) She’s always calling his friends to make sure that he’s with who he says he’s with. Here’s a list you can give to said friend.

1)      Checking Emails, Facebook accounts and text messages
My thing is if I don’t trust you then I don’t need to be with you. If I even have to question if you’re cheating on me then we need to break up because then my mind will always wonder what you’re doing or who you’re doing it with. Checking every kind of media and social networking is only going to drive you crazy and drive him away.

2)      Driving past his house, his mama’s house etc…
Gas is too expensive to ride around looking for someone. Also usually you want to bring a friend along, but seriously who wants to spend their time riding around looking for your man. Come on now.

3)      Showing up where you know he is going to be
What do you really accomplish with this except making yourself look crazy and getting yourself kicked out and on a list for the security to give you the boot should you ever return.

4)      Calling his Mama, telling her that he did you wrong
We are grown a$$ people. How old are we that we are telling on people to their mothers? She can’t control her son even if she really does like you and called you “the daughter she never had” And come close…closer. If she doesn’t like you, you’ve really messed yourself up in her eyes.

5)      Busting the windows out his car   
The song was cute, but it will also have your cute behind in jail. He is not worth catching a case over and having to deal with some big ratchet scary cellmate when you get sent to ‘Rita.

My whole point is while you’re stressing yourself out, developing ulcers and losing your hair over this man, he’s out living his life and not thinking twice about you. Focus on living your best life, looking the best that you can, and finding a new man that looks like a Boris to his Don Cheadle. Pow! ;)

Do you have anything to add to this list? Discuss and Share.

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