Thursday, November 4, 2010

Man of my Dreams: A Poem

This is a poem I wrote based on the dream I had the other night. I woke up at 5am unfortunately and couldn’t get that warm and fuzzy feeling back *le sigh* but this man…this man…made me feel like a natural woman!
Enjoy ;)

Man of my Dreams

Last Night I dreamt of you
The attraction was instant
I was drawn to you like a magnet

The strong rumble of your voice called out to me
Even though you didn’t speak my name
The thunder before the lightening

I had to see your face
Before I knew what was happening
I was gliding over to you like I was in a Spike Lee film

There you were
Smooth skin akin to crème brulee
Warm cinnamon eyes
When I looked into them I saw who I really was
Who I was meant to be and what my purpose was on this Earth
I felt Lauryn and D’Angelo singing in my soul
Nothing even mattered
*3 snaps*

In you I saw the Cliff to my Claire
Complete with children performing by the stairs
In you I saw the Ossie to my Ruby Dee
Over 50 years of love and understanding

Fingers intertwined we walked off in the distance
Leaving a path of icicles and slush
That used to encase our frozen hearts

Moving forward towards a warm and sunny forever
Our hearts and souls wrapped in love
We faded into the light

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