Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is upon us. For me it means that my Grams will make her famous German Chocolate cake (we only get it once a year). It means that Mom will be making and selling sweet potato pies like crazy. It means my uncle’s pecan pie. It means my aunt Kim’s rolls (I will cut you over one a nem rolls). It means that everyone will be at my parents house on Thanksgiving day. It means that Dad will go to Nations to get breakfast on that morning (yum) it also usually means that I won’t be allowed to touch food of any kind pre dinner time. I’m not welcome in the kitchen and here’s why…

At my parents house there is an apple tree in the backyard. We don’t usually eat from it but when I was younger maybe 13, my sister and I decided to make an apple pie with the apples from the tree. We had all the ingredients, peeled and chopped apples, rolled out crust and mixed all the ingredients with the apples. Our parents were outside on the deck having a glass of wine and enjoying the Indian Summer.

My sister is 14 years older than I am so she was supposed to be in charge of everything. I set the oven to 350˚ and we put our first homemade apple pie in the oven. I went to my room to watch TV and the next thing I know I hear the smoke detector going off. My parents run in from the backyard and my sis comes out of her room. Let me tell you!!!!!! The kitchen was filled with thick dark smoke. We opened all the windows in kitchen the smell was terrible! Dad looks at the oven and says, “Why was the oven on broil?!”

I look at my sis and we can’t believe it because we double checked that the oven was on the right temperature. The pie had charcoal black crust and the inside was the consistency apple sauce so from now on I have been banned from the kitchen. For Thanksgiving dinner my sister brings Waldorf Salad (you don’t have to use the stove at all for that)

So on Thanksgiving day I will probably get up early, do my hair, beat my face, wear some kind of fall colored outfit complete with 4 inch heels, spend a little time talking with family and eat myself into a coma then nap and do it again. Gotta love Thanksgiving LOL

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