Monday, October 25, 2010

Don't Be Cute

“Nails done. Hair done. Everything did.” Drake (Fancy)

How many of us have a friend or family member whose swag is always on a hundred thousand trillion? I mean this lady is well put together from head to toe! Full MAC face without looking too overdone, has the baddest heels that no one else has, smells like heaven and her hair looks fresh out the shop every time you see her. And what happens when we know we’re going to see said friend? We try to step our game up because we don’t want to look bummy next to our local Beyonce.

Now I like to stay so fresh and so clean at all times BUT I love yoga pants and sweatshirts too. If I could wear them everyday all day I would. I prefer leave in conditioner natural free hair and straight ponytails to perfectly curled with the s swirl in the front hair. I love a full MAC face complete with #10 lashes but I also love a bit of concealer mascara and well groomed brows. Needless to say I can dress up or I can be totally dressed down. Lately I’ve noticed that people see me as this local Beyonce ( LB) (Imagine my surprise) I was headed to meet a beautiful friend from HS the other day and as we’re wrapping up our texts about when and where we’re going to meet she texts “don’t be cute” Hmmm

That text message made me think back to high school when I went to a modeling audition with a friend who told me to sit in the waiting room because if I came in the room with her they would surely choose me over her. Don’t be cute.

Not too long ago I was talking to a cousin that had recently met a new man. She says that we should all get together and have dinner or something but she doesn’t want to introduce me to him because I might steal him. Huh?

Mind you every time someone says this to me they say it in half seriousness and the other half in jest. I’m fully aware that when I’m going out (dinner, movies, club, shopping) I’m dressed but most days (headed to the gym, Safeway, or Target) I’m keeping it plain jane. I’m also aware that what these people are saying is coming from their own insecurities and it’s not about me. But people that I consider my close friends know that I am all about who a person is on the inside because looks quickly fade. So while I am flattered that I am considered the “fly friend” I’m also concerned that these people that I’m spending my time with are so concerned with my appearance and how it’s related to them. Hmmm…

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