Monday, February 21, 2011

Smaller Waist = More Dates?

Over the holidays I went to a party that some high school friends put together. For entertainment we watched old home videos that were made by the host walking up and down the halls of the school. As we were watching and laughing at what we wore and what we thought was cool (it was the height of the bling bling era), who changed for the worse and who changed for the better, a particular comment caught me off guard.

When a certain girl, X, came on the TV, someone said “What happened to X?”
Another person said, “Oh I saw her she got really fat”.
A guy, who is not known for being nice or politically correct, said with certainty, “Oh yeah she had fat tendencies.” (Mmmhmm he said it)

Generally in the black community our men like black women with “a little meat on their bones” a la Beyonce and any video girl featured in a rap video. But that waist to hip ratio has to be on point. So a woman with a gut, excessive back rolls, and no hips doesn’t count as attractive in the meat on her bones category. The meat has to be placed in the right areas i.e. hips, thighs, butt, and breasts. Thick is good, fat is not.

I wonder if the circumferences of our waists have anything to do with how many dates we go on. Some men like their women plus size. A beautiful woman is a beautiful woman. And studies show that men prefer a pretty face over a bangin body in the long run (see here) However, I’ve noticed with a lot of people in my life when they lost weight they got more dates. Was it the weight loss and slimmer figure or was it the confidence that came with that new figure that got them more dates?


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